About us

Do·ma·ta : noun : unconditionally gluten-free. 

Synonyms: expertly crafted, quality convenience, allergy-safe baking at its best. 

It all started with love, like most of the best stories do. When you start with love, there’s an unconditional amount of care that will always be there. Just like family. That’s how Domata began. Unbaked birthdays and tasteless deflated cakes would be a thing of the past. Only rich textured delectable treats for generations to come. We carry that legacy proudly to this day ensuring convenient, Kosher, celiac safe baking for our extended family of over 1500 store shelves.

Here at Domata our mission is simple; offer affordable, easy-to-use, great-tasting, gluten-free baking mixes. Finding out that someone dear to you can’t enjoy the everyday convenience and experience of basic baked goods? It’s enough to make you...well, enough to make you pour your heart into perfecting gluten free baking. So that’s what we’ve done.

Over a decade has been spent carefully crafting a variety of products tailored to those in our community with specific lifestyle needs. Life is hard enough, baking gluten-free shouldn't be. From Celiac to sensitivity, treat your loved ones to products that are as practical as they are delicious. Everyone deserves the quality texture and consistency expected with freshly baked goods; dig in. You’re part of the Domata family now!