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Domata Gluten Free

Perfect Cup for Cup Gluten-Free Recipe Ready Flour (20 oz)

Perfect Cup for Cup Gluten-Free Recipe Ready Flour (20 oz)

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Lose the Gluten, Not the Flavor

Keep gluten free baking and cooking easy, tasty, and healthy with a better all purpose gluten free flour. The meticulously selected and balanced ingredients combine into a GF flour that will even impress gluten-eating friends and family.

The Function and Flavor of Flour

Other gluten free replacement flour can partially replicate wheat flour, and some even get close in texture. Domata Recipe Ready Flour extends beyond, delivering the light flavor and robust texture typical to wheat-based foods. The unique blend perfectly replaces traditional flour in nearly any recipe* and even works as a thickener in cooking.

How to Use

This flour was created to be easy. For a gluten-free version of your favorite recipes, just replace the wheat flour cup-for-cup (the same amount) of Domata Recipe-Ready Flour. 

*The one time this flour requires special consideration when replacing wheat flour is for recipes that rise with yeast, such as traditional bread recipes. In this case, allow the bread to rise only a single time (be sure to put the dough into the baking pan first!) and for no longer than 30 minutes. Alternatively, add 1 tsp of xanthan gum per batch to allow for a second or longer rise.

That’s it! Now it’s time to enjoy a healthy, balanced, and flavorful gluten free life!



Rice Flour, Corn Starch, Tapioca Dextrin, Xanthan Gum, Rice Extract. 

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